How it works

It's Simple: 

  1. Tell us where you are, and the films available in your country will display.

  2. Click on the film that you want to bring to your community, then click on the "Purchase License" Button.

  3. Choose how you want a DVD shipped and how you want to pay, then spend 3 minutes entering the usual information to complete your secure transaction. (We don't keep your financial info, too hard on the nerves!)

  4. Click another button to purchase.   In a matter of minutes, a confirmation email will pop up in your inbox with a link to your license. Once it arrives, you can go back to the film page and click "Post a screening" to create a post about your screening event to send far and wide via Facebook and Twitter.  Or you can go back days later to create your post...just be sure to hold on to your login info.

  5. Visit your mailbox or doorstep to find your DVD.

  6. Screen the film in the same venue an unlimited number of times for one year…and yes, you are allowed to charge for tickets if you like.  (If you're a theater or cinema, you need a theatrical license, so please email us - [email protected]).

  7. Once your 1 year-long license is up, we're happy to renew your license for 50% to allow you to continue hosting public screenings.  And if you're no longer interested in sharing the film with the public, you can continue to screen the film privately in the same venue in perpetuity for no extra fee.

Congratulations, you're now legally licensed to promote a great film in your town.  Simple and good. 


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